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Hello, I am Swapnil Shiwalay, I am a Digital Business geek. With my research and continuous innovation on Digital Tools, I have helped thousands of my clients to go digital since 2001. I believe that digital technology should reach all the people in an affordable way, So I am helping people to go digital easily and take their business online with me.


Everyone needs to go digital and that’s the promising future. 'Digital hai to Kal Hai, I have developed a digital freedom course, Sure it is going to help you go online and start your recession-proof business at an affordable cost in very little time.


I will help you pick the best ingredient for your recipe. Overcome the business challenges in the digital world whether it's a product or service, with A proven six-step formula and 3 step action plan to establish and run your business online.


How to convert your Knowledge into a high-earning skill?? We help you to identify a skill that can help your sell digitally through our robust system. Collaborate with our Community and explore digital business opportunities.

Top 5 Essential Skills in 2021


Personal Branding

Now everything going digital, your business, your services Whatever you offer on social media and other digital channels are determining the engagement with your users. Your Digital success will be depend on how well you are connecting with people. Because You are the Brand for your Business. Adapt the 2021 guidelines for personal branding .


Video Communication

Data is free and fast. now connections are seamless between devices. video has a power to communicate thoughts & emotions together. It can effectively communicate your ideas to your audience. Top 10 video skills to learn in 2021.


Community Building

Human are social animal. Everyone need a tribe to survive. there are number of large communities available on Digital ecosystem like facebook, youtube and other social channels. But now its time to build your own tribe and nurture them. Learn the Tribe building formula for your business.


Digital Products

Markets are changing ,customers are changing so are the products ? just think about the top businesses of the world what they are selling- “The Digital Product” . You too can create and sell a digital products that can create value for people.


Digital Marketing

the way term growing, more confusion its creating its not about do digital marketing its just implementing right method to sell online. Every Products and services has a unique marketing approach. Ask How to start Digital Marketing for your products and service?

5 Top Secret of Digital Business

Selling is Serving

Its not about only sales sales sales. Consumers are well aware of products nowadays, You have to create an approach where the product can create a value and bring a positive change in the users life.

Customer Acquisition Funnel

You have to measure and monitor the customer journey. The best approach is to create Awareness, then engage and convert in to sales.

Over Delivering Value

Extend your offerings until the point, its get overwhelmed to the customer.

Customer Lifetime Value

The Customer journey begins after first sale.Once a customer always a customer for their differentiated needs. Nurture a customer for lifetime, Innovate and create values.

Data Driven Decision

beyond the instincts Assess all your customer data across the data points and take the decisions as per the legit requirement of business.

Become Digital Consultant

Become Digital Consultant with the freedom to work from anywhere. simplify the process with digital automation.

Online Consultancy System

structure your knowledge into digital product. multi-level knowledge stack to help people with success journey.

Digital Avtaar

Your digital presence and handholding for your tribe will create 'Digital Avtaar'. you will available for your tribe online.


499 /mo
  • Digital Career Guidance
  • Niche Clarity
  • Execution Plan


999 /mo
  • Digital Business Training
  • Digital System Setup
  • Digital Business Formula


3999 /hrs
  • Digital Business Audit
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Execution Plan

Digital Transformation

I strongly believe that effective communication is the key to success in any business. It's digital now Since we can access the best of the technology why not leverage it? I am here to help you to select the best tools and technology design and their effective use for your digital transformation journey.

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